solar talisman of god medallion


The Solar Talisman of God





Diameter: 2.00 inches



The Talisman of God is the first item that I have offered that is entirely dedicated to the power of our Creator.  The image is quite complex and is seeded in an ancient amuletum with the spiritual function, according to The Liber Iuratus, allows the Initiate Seeker to gradually gain power over all the creatures of creation, except the Archangels.  That part of the power is reserved for those who can achieve the Blessed Vision of God and the Four Angels of His Holy Name.


Probably the oldest known description and image of the Talisman of God is The Sigillum Dei.  This is a 14th sacred image attributed to Honorius, son of  Euclid. This image may have been produced in the late 13th century, but likely not before the time of Pope John XXII. (1316–1334) 

The description of the seal in the Liber Iuratus, and ancient book of power, describe the elements contained within the Talisman.

The circular band will be at an apex of a small cross and from this starting point proceed from left to right 72 Latin letters, which vary in tradition --- h, t, o, e, x, o, r, a, b, a, s, la, y, q, c, i, y, s, t, a, l, g, a, a, o, n, o, s, v, l, a, r, y, c, e, k, s, p, f, y, o, m, e, n, e, a, u, a, r, e, l, a, t, e, d, a, t, o, n, o, n, a, o, y, l, e, p, o, t, m, a), the sum forming the Shemhamephorasch, the ineffable name of God ("magnum nomen Domini Semenphoras licterarum 72").


Next to the circular band is a pentagram, which focuses on a Greek Tau. This is surrounded by the five letters of the name of god "El" and "Ely", and five other pairs of letters (lx , al, a, c, to).


Inside the Pentagon, in turn, is a Heptagon drawn in such a way that its top side touches the center tip of the pentagram, and the pages of this heptagon should be labeled with the names of seven angels and archangels (Cafziel, Satquiel, Amael ,Raphael, Anael, Michael, and Gabriel).


From this first Heptagon is a second and a third drawing, whose description is hard to understand and has been interpreted differently in the manuscript illustrations, but has usually seven key points with crosses and labeled with two rows of God's emanations: a first series of seven names of God, each in three syllables or components disassembled and relating spatially with those on the initial and final syllables of the last names of angels and vertices of the figure, namely la-ya- ly (to Cafziel), na-ra-th (to Satquiel), ly-bar-re (to Raphael), ly-ba-res (to Michael), (e) t-ly-alg (to Samael), ve -h-am (to Anael), and y-al-gal (to Gabriel); also in sub-segments seven more: Vos, Duynas, Gyram, Gram, Aysaram, Alpha and Omega, a third series El, On, El, On, Electric, On, Omega; as additions to the registered crosses the four letters a, g, a, l; and finally another group of five names of God Ely, Eloy, Christ, and Sother Adonay.


This is an advanced Talisman that is designed to be used with Solar Visionary work

The back part of the talisman represents the force of creation itself.  This design is an ancient sacred mandala that is said to sustain all of creation and absorb the forces uttered by The Four Seraphim.  The Sacred Mandala organizes and controls the force of creation so that we may all benefit from Our Creator's power.   This mandala has been hidden for centuries and has been used primarily in secret by Adepts and Magi.  It is now being made available to the public for the first time.


When you place this Talisman under your pillow, you will experience a Vision of the Creator.  You will also experience a Vision of The Angels, The Forces of Creation, and the energies that create the universe around you.  By reflecting light of the rising Sun off the front, you will experience Visions within the celestial world.  By reflecting light from the setting Sun off the back image, you will experience Visions of the Angels and the Celestial Deities. Connecting with the power of this Talisman requires time and patience.   This talisman is based on a centuries old design and has been used by some of the world's most talented and powerful Adepts.  Now for the first time, both aspects of its power are gathered together in one talisman.  

Basic Function:  The Front side of the talisman greatly enhances and empowers the Sephirotic (Positive) creative forces within the mind, body, and soul.  There are ten of these forces and each one allows for a different form of growth and expansion of consciousness.

The Back side of the talisman greatly diminishes the (Negative) forces which act on the mind, body and soul.  There are ten of these forces and each one expresses a different manner of destructive power within the one's being.

When one becomes serious about expansion and purification of the soul, this is the talisman for you.


Price: $350